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Why Music is Helpful for Concentration

Why Music is Helpful for Concentration
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Discover the best music for focusing. Read the article to learn how to improve the efficiency of your work.


  1. What is concentration?
  2. Ways to improve focus and concentration
  3. What kind of music disrupts focusing
  4. Flow state music

What is Concentration?

There are several meanings of the word concentration. If we talk about focusing attention, then this is keeping the interest on one aspect while ignoring other things.

In English language, this word came in the 1630s from Italian concentrare. Its origin is Latin: com ‘with, together’ + centrum ‘center’. This literally means ‘action of bringing to a central point’.

Our ability to concentrate is important because the human body has limited resources. If we work being constantly distracted, then we will not be able to complete the task.

Since ancient times, people have developed various techniques to stay focused. Let's dwell on the most popular methods.

Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration

  • Choose the most productive working hours. The early birds and late rasers have their peaks of activity at completely different times of the day. So, for the top-priority tasks, choose the time according to your individual characteristics.
  • Minimize the number of simultaneous tasks. Scientists at Stanford University have found that multitasking lowers human performance. Therefore, you should reduce the number of tasks and focus on one or two.
  • Make a clear plan and stick to it. Until you complete one of the items, do not pay attention to anything else. Between plan items, you can take small breaks and change in the type of activity. If you are a computer worker, look out of the window or do a few push-ups.
  • Avoid checking your email and phone at work. According to the International Journal of Information Management, it takes us approximately 64 seconds to come back to the working process after checking email. If your job is not directly related to making calls and writing letters, put the phone away. Adopt a rule to check email and messengers before work and after work. Mute all notifications the rest of the time.
  • Use background music for concentration or white noise. If you can't find a quiet place to work, you can use background sounds to drown out any distracting noises and keep your attention on the main thing.

However, it happens that music does not help to focus. Let's find out why.

What Kind of Music Disrupts Focusing

Loud or fast-paced music. In general, any soundtrack that grabs your attention distracts you from your work. Dance music is created with the intention of fascinating you, creating a sense of celebration and encouraging you to dance.

At the same time, if you put a song that you actively dislike, it will also not help your concentration, because you will think about your feelings.

Songs with lyrics or commercials are also a bad choice for focusing. The brain will try to understand and process the text it hears.

Flow State Music

There is a particular type of music that is specifically designed to help you focus as much as possible. It calls flow state music.

The term flow state was coined by the American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He described this state as a maximum motivation and focusing on completing work. A person in the flow state feels freedom, joy and total satisfaction.

Probably anyone who has been doing what they love has experienced the flow state. The Tinnire App offers an endless amount of music tracks that will help you stay in this state all day long. This AI-assisted music has been created specifically for concentrating. Visit the Tinnire website and try it for free.

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