Flow state music

Flow state music
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Every person nowadays faces the problem of refocusing, then different factors distract from the working routine. That’s why reaching the flow state tends to become the trait of self-conscious and productive people. Learn more about this skill!

What’s the flow state

Have you ever felt the complete immersion into a process, staying focused on one single task? If you answered positively, you know already what the flow state is. That’s the ability to stay involved in physical or mental activity without any distractions.

To reach the flow state means to concentrate all your attention on the current task. You live at the moment and enjoy this process.

How to reach a flow state

Psychologists mark 2 types of factors that hinder you to stay focused. There are external and internal distractions. The first ones are smartphone notifications, TV shows, video games, etc. Internal factors are thoughts, stress, and mind race – the relentless process of brain work with shifting from one thought to another one.

To reach a flow state you must identify the sources of your distraction and block them.

The secrets of focusing

There are some useful tips, which help to block access to your distractions:

For external factors:

  • Turn off all the notifications on your smartphone.
  • Put your smartphone on a flight mode or even remove it into another room.
  • Install the site blocker to stop checking social media or news feed.
  • Don't work with email or instant messaging tabs open.
  • Work in a quiet space, there are no distracting noises and conversations. Put on the music for focusing to create a cozy audial background.

For internal factors:

  • Practice regularly meditation as one of the most effective stimulators of productiveness. It's scientifically proven that meditation helps to stay focused on whatever you do.
  • Start daily journaling. Write your thoughts down on paper to calm yourself and stop the mind race.
  • Listen to your body: don't start practicing the flow state when you feel tired. Find a suitable moment, when your mental activity and energy are heightened.

Try to use at least 2 of these techniques and soon you'll see how productive is the process of the work or study.

What kind of music is perfect to reach the flow state

Sometimes even pop and hard rock songs are fine by some people, who want to focus on the process. But a better solution is to switch to a playlist with calm ambient tracks, which mainly contains no vocalization. Let’s learn more about music that is the best background for long-lasting mental work and deep relaxation.

  • Meditation music. The perfect one for SPA and relaxation, but also is okay for studying, work, and even sleeping. That’s based on different tones and special frequencies, which affect positively the mind and body. Healing music helps to reach the flow state as well.
  • Ambient music. One of the best options to concentrate on your working process. The base of ambient tracks is background natural sounds, augmented with calm music. Imagine the mix of the crackle of a campfire, noise of raindrops, and relaxing tones – that’s how these tracks sound like.
  • White Noise Sounds. That’s more than simple flow state music. That kind of track affects calmly to the nervous system, helps to relax, sleep better, and get rid of the anxiety. The white noise combines with the natural sounds of rain, sea, forest, birds’ songs, etc.
  • Chillout, Lounge. In the majority, there are covers of well-known hits with a slow-downed rhythm and quiet female vocalization. But there are a lot of instrumental tracks, which are tending to smooth jazz. The sounds of piano, saxophone, and percussion help to leave out all the unnecessary thoughts and to catch the flow.

Tinnire App – ambient music for study, work, and relaxing

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Tinnire generates a lot of new tracks every day, which are perfect audial background and block the extraneous noise. Try now and enjoy the unique calming music.

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